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The Federal Employment Agency's statistics and labour market reporting offers a wide range of services, from regularly published publications to special analyses.

On our English site we provide the key figures on the German labour market, which are updated monthly, as well as a report on the European labour market situation. A monthly press release on the latest labour market development is published here:


In the subsections above (all content in German) you can browse tables and reports on different topics and geographic areas. Current statistics (e.g. on the labour and training market), specific statistics (e.g. on expenditure), statistics on regions, on topics in focus and interactive offers can be found under "Statistik". "Grundlagen" mainly contains metadata such as definitions, classifications, legal bases, data sources, but also information on methodology and quality and on the tasks and topics of the Federal Employment Agency's statistics. Under "Service", the possibilities for contacting the Federal Employment Agency’s Statistics are listed. You will find there also our publication calendar and newsletter. In addition, target group-specific products such as learning materials for schools and universities are offered here.

If you have any questions, a special data request or just would like to give us feedback on our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.